Health and Wellness Consultancy Services in Frederick, Colorado

Let us help you take it to the next level

Personalized Nutrition in Frederick, Colorado

Which includes daily, weekly, and monthly nutrition plans; On the go meal plans for travelers; Personalized shopping trips (in person/virtually); Food Label education (How to be more conscientious about what is in your food).

Personalized Training in Frederick, Colorado

Personalized Fitness Program tailored to your needs; At home training (virtual) or in person training (private studio).

Alcohol Detox in Frederick, Colorado

30- or 90-day detox from alcohol, this can help improve your sleep, better brain function, better gut health and much more.

21-day Whole Body Cleanse in Frederick, Colorado

Helps reset your body to heal from underlying issues you might be suffering with.

The 7-day starter reset cleanse in Frederick, Colorado

A mini reset to reduce inflammation, Bloating & Brain Fog. A tool also used to perform wellness maintenance on your body.

Mindset Training in Frederick, Colorado

Helps with development of happier and healthier life choices and habits, overcoming obstacles, keeping promises and commitments to yourself, communicate better and find your purpose in life.

Treatment Specialist

Noninvasive diagnostic testing in Frederick, Colorado

For nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities. With knowledge of nutritional deficiencies and sensitivities this will allow you the know what your body is lacking and how to boost it to optimal levels, as well as what could be causing inflammation on a cellular level.

Auricular Therapy in Frederick, Colorado

Like acupuncture but achieved without the use of needles and performed on the ear or to specific body parts with a single device, electrical stimulation is conducted to balance you on a cellular level. Auricular is extremely helpful with pain management, withdrawals and weight loss, in many cases even better than acupuncture and many times acupuncturists will use other devices to achieve the same goals as auricular.

Biofeedback in Frederick, Colorado

90% of emergency room visits have to do with irregular breathing, which leads to anxiety, lack of oxygen to your organs (especially the heart), and sympathetic activation of your nervous system. With proper training and interactive devices, you can learn how to breath the proper way to bring your body and heart back into coherence.

We’ve helped a countless number of people achieve their overall wellness goals. Whether it’s losing weight, having more energy throughout the day, better sleep, or getting into the best shape or your life. We’ve got you covered. We are ready to serve all over the globe and if you are from Frederick, Colorado we have an special offer for you. Contact Us now and get back in better shape and wellness.